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Project & Program Management

Executive Diploma in Project Management

What is EDPM

Knowledge based PM certications like PMP®, PRINCE2®, CIPM®,, CPM (IAPM)® & IPMA Level D® are widely used worldwide. EDPM Online provides an opportunity to move from knowledge to
its application in changing the behavior.

Risk Management Module - 14 Thought Leaders Sharing their Experience and Wisdom from 7 countries

Learning Objectives

Through the exploration of group exercises and facilitated discussion, participants completing this workshop will learn how to …

Knowledge Acquisition and Certication - This is a foundation module to build the understanding of the hard and soft sides of project management.

EDPM Online with additional modules 2, 3 and 4 provides an experiential, risk free learning. Mandatory report writing after each of the 4 modules contextualises new learnings leading to implementation at workplace and in measuring benets.

Course Details

Relevant interest / experience in the field of Project Management

Before the beginning of Totality of Project Management (TPM) Program, we conduct a half hour Pre-Test called 'Project Management Knowledge Quotient' (PMKQ) Test. It is then compared with the average score of the marks obtained by the participants in CIPM Exam.

Module 1: Totality of Project Management (20 Hours)
Module 2: Two Real Time Simulations (20 Hours)
Module 3: Advance Project Risk Management & Experience Sharing (20 Hours)
Module 4: Advanced Project & Program Management Concepts



Training Deliverables

With the training fee, comes something more

EDPM Online provides a complete transformation from knowledge to change in behaviour by
applying the learnings at workplace.
A participant fo the EDPM Online will get Certificate In Project Management (CIPM) which is
ISO 17024:2012 accredited, Certificate in Project Risk Management (CrtPRM), Experience in managing stakeholders gaining1 year of real life experience in 1 day, Experience gaining 3 years of real life experience in 1 day, an opportunity to listen to the wisdom of 5 thought leaders from all over the world and gaining enormous confidence.


Our Trainer

Galaxy of Trainers of repute from India & Abroad including from Globally reputed universities